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Trademark and Patent are the performance of a products and also a weapon for the company business expanding or the well- known product creating. Nowadays, along with the emphasis of the intellectual property protection, trademark will be the the most powerful weapon in the future in all of the industries.
Before applying for the Trademark Registered, you have to prepare the follow works:
(1) Confirm the Trademark name and determine whether or not involve of any violation of law.
(2) Identify the categories of the goods and services you want.
(3) Check if there are any conflicts with your Trademark through the database.
(4) Process the design for your Trademark .
(5) Prepare all of the related information to apply for.
We are a qualified patent agent in Taiwan and can provide the registration service for Patents, trademarks and Copyrights. Our partners also can help to registrate your Trademark in China, Hong Kong, Britain and other countries.