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International Tax planning

In the wave of globalization, the companies usually set up the factories or sales offices in the numerous locations or countries in order to expand the competitiveness and increase the profitability of a company. However, how to ensure and maximize the operation profit after tax is critical as each countries levied the different tax rates on the operating income in their countries. That is also the subject of international tax planning.
Depending on the countries you invested and the group structures you are, we could provide the suggestions or proposals to help you achieve the efficient tax savings through the following ways:
➢ Introduce the taxation environments to you.
➢ Treaty Shopping
➢ Tax Conduit
➢ Special Purpose Entity and the International Finance Corporation
➢ Earning Stripping
➢ Supply Chain Planning - Global Earnings Mobility Strategies (GEMS) / Tax Aligned Supply Chain (TASC) for the Group tax planning.