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  • 1. Certification or Legalization by Foreign embassies and consulates:
    If you need a copy of certificate of incorporation of an offshore company to be accepted by the government, it will be required the document be authenticated by foreign embassy or consulate in the country where the establishment of the country. Generally, the foreign embassy or consulate will regulate a certain certified procedure to be done before officially authenticate the correctness of seat of the documents. The procedure included that the document must be sent to a notary public, lawyers or the court and the foreign Ministry in the country where the establishment of the company for a authentication first. At last, the documents may be possible to be a legal document. We can meet your needs to arrange the services for you.
  • 2. Certificate of good standing
    While most of the establishment of offshore companies are private, it is difficult to check whether or not the company is in operating or a real entity by a third person or a bank. Therefore, they will often require the foreign company to provide the certificate of good standing or incumbency to approve the existence of the company. We can provide you with related services.