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Offshore Company Incorporation


We provide the services for an offshore company incorporation and administration secretary to the clients. The jurisdiction we provided is listed on our website. When the incorporation is completed well, we will provide a set of company document to the client. The contents of the document are consists of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, Consent of being the Director or Member, Certificate of Shares or Rights, Register of Director(s), Register of Shareholder(s) and Company Seals. 
Our pricing policy is depending on the jurisdictions and services you need. It is in relation to the following key elements:
  • Country
  • Company Type(Limited Company、Partnership、Trust Company and Foundation)
  • Capital 
  • Registered Address and Office
  • Notarization Service for Company documents
  • Annual Filing Service
  • Power of Attorney Service 
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Nominee Director or Shareholder
  • Bank Account Opening Service
  • Secretary Service
  • Accounting and Audit Service

         We offer the reasonable price in each jurisdiction. You can contact us to get the quote.


The procedure for an offshore company formation is simply stated in below flowchart. We usually complete the incorporation within one month. If you choose our shelf company, the leading time can be shorten within two weeks.