European Country,close to Germany and Belgium


One of the richest countries in the world; One of the best countries to incorporate a holding company in EU.



Legal System

Civil Law
Dutch Company
Type limited liability company (B.V.)
Name Private limited company-Name with "Besloten Vennootschap (B.V.) 
Public limited company -Name with "Naamloze Vennootschap(N.V.)
Capital Min. Requirement €1 for B.V. ;  €45,000 for N.V.
Share No Requirement for B.V. ; par value €1 for N.V.
Share Index No
Registered Agent No
Registered Address Yes
Public Disclosure Yes
Min. Shareholder at least one
Min. Director at least one
Disclosure of Shareholders No for B.V.
Disclosure of Director Yes
Trading Restriction No
Taxation  Tax rate 20%-25% for Income
Financial Statement Yes
Tax Returns Yes
Account Filing Yes
Audit Report Yes
Accounting  Yes
Incorporation Cost € 5,100
Management Fee € 5,000

Netherlands has signed the Tax Treaties with more than 95 countries in the world.