Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands


located south of Cuba and comprises the three islands.


A British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. One of world's four biggest offshore financial center. IBC could be a listed company in Taiwan and HK securities market. One of the world's best successful tax-free jurisdictions.



Legal System

Common Law
Cayman Islands Company
Type  International Business Company (IBC)
Name  Name ends with "Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Société Anonyme, Sociedad Anónim "or with  the abbreviation "Ltd, Corp, Inc, SA, NV or GmbH". 
Capital  No Min. requirement.; Stand Capital US$ 50,000.
Share  Restriction on the bearer shares issued.
Share Index  Yes
Registered Agent  Yes
Registered Address  Yes
Public Disclosure  No
Min. Shareholder  At least one
Min. Director  At least one
Disclosure of Shareholder  No
Disclosure of Director  No
Trading restriction  May not trade with residents or hold the property in Cayman Island. 
Taxation   None
Financial Statement  Yes
Tax Returns   No
Account Filing   No
Audit Report   No
Accounting  Yes
Incorporation Cost  USD3,100
Annual Fee  USD2,500

No avoidable double taxation agreements signed with any countries.